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25 May


Using different strategies in education process make it more interesting and help teacher to motivate students . there are many types of effective strategies that we can use in teaching .Presentation is one of these effective strategies .Which is refer to the practice of showing and explaining the content of a topic to an audience or learner. However, how it make the teaching and learning more interesting?! and how we make it in correct way? All answers of these question  and more you will find in the next lines.

 knowledge may or may not translate into behavior, but by virtue of learning it becomes available for use, stored in memory and many researches confirmed that the person can remember about 20% of what he had heard, and 40% of what he had heard and see. but this percentage will increase to more than 70% if the person see, hear and interact with what he learn . (Traci, 2001)

using presentations with supporting material within a topic act as learning objects that reinforce subject matter or can be a catalyst for an activity at that point or further in the material. The use of embedded presentations can help be a visual stimulus to “encourage curiosity” Holmes and Gardner (2006).

:To creating an effective and unforgettable presentation there are many principles you should follow

:When creating

Frist : choosing software program for creating presentations

Choose any software allows you to include text, audio, images, videos and animations.

Popular software programs include:

•  Microsoft PowerPoint

•  Smart board notepad.

Second: designing

Slide :

    –          Make your slides appealing and simple .

    –          Use dark text on Dark background or light text on dark background .

    –           Try to repeat the same colors or elements in all slides .

    –           Don’t use more than 6 lines x 7 words per slide


  • Size: Make your text big and readable; not smaller than 24 points .
  • Style:

    –          don’t use too many Fonts and Styles .

    –          All capital letters are difficult to read; using upper and lower case letters are better.

    –          Use Sanserif fonts instead of Serif fonts.

    –          Use Normal or bold fonts; don’t use Italics because it difficult to read on screen.

    –          Use numbers for lists with sequence and bullets to show a list without Priority, Sequence, Hierarchy.

  • Color:

    –          Use contrasting colours ( Light on dark vs dark on light ) .

    –          don’t use too many colours.

    –          use colours to emphasis Instead of using underlines .


Too many transitions are annoying, only use it in necessity .


Support your presentation by using various multimedia especially high quality pictures, images or diagrams that reinforce your verbal message.

research has shown that communication is enhanced when a verbal message  is combined with a powerful image on the screen .

when presenting:

–          practice your presentation before the time of presentation .

–          Speak loudly and clearly .

–          Maintain eye contact with your audience .

–          Don’t read the slides word-for-word, use them for reference .

In this course, I learned how to design unforgettable presentation the principles of designing presentation. also, we did a practice in designing a presentation in an online program called Prezi. Then, each one of us chose a topic and started to design his/her own presentation on this program .my presentation is about animals’ groups .( you will find it in attachment with another one which I’ve designed for another subject).

As a teachers in the future , we need to use this useful strategy for different purpose in our teaching .especially to deliver the information and make it unforgettable .

It is not important to just use it but how to make it effective is matter ..

You find a list of 20 free tools teachers and students can use to create awesome slideshow and presentations such as Prezi, Slideshare, slidestaxx and more in this website:

presentation-animals’ groups
presentation-technology for people with special needs

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