Syber safety

27 May

The rapid development of information and communication technologies in recent years has differently changed our life styles and became an Indispensable things in all parts of our life, But the expansion or increase access to these technologies make people especially children and adolescents in danger and exposed to any forms of cyber violence (i.e. hate-speech, threats, stalking, harassment, sexual remarks, vulgar language and cyber bullying). (Hanewald,2008).
Cyber bullying is the most common form of cyber violence which defined as: “the use of information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior by an individual or group, that is intended to harm others”.( Bill Belsey ).

Cyber bullying take a wide range of forms including hitting, pushing, holding, hostile gesturing, threatening, humiliating, degrading, teasing, name calling, put downs, sarcasm, taunting, staring, sticking out the tongue, eye rolling, silent treatment, manipulating friendship and ostracising (Ma, 2001).

In the United States, the Foundation for Internet Safety Education conducted a nationwide study with a younger group. During 2004, a total of 1,566 elementary students (from grades four to eight) were probed. The results of this National i-Safe Survey uncovered that 57 % of students had experienced hurtful comments, 35 % of students had been threatened and 42 % had been bullied. Astonishingly, more than half (58 %) of the cyber victims did not tell their parents or another adult of their online experiences.

from that we understand the importance of syber safety which defined as “the safe and responsible use or practices and precautions you should observe when using Information and Communication Technologies(ICT), so as to ensure that your personal information and your computer remain safe”.

There many ways to keep our children safe online and protect them from dangers.For example we should increase there awarnees about using the internet in corrct way, tell them that they should never give out personal information online -like your phone number; parent’s work number; addres; name or location of your school or your password.In addition, they should check with their parents before downloading or installing software.

what I liked it in this course “Introduction to educational technology” that we had an opportunity to discuss this topic using “Whatsapp technology” and share some information about forms of cyber violence and some ideas about how to prevent our children from this problem .It was useful experience for us. We integrated the technology in education .
Actually, this topic must be discussed in all schools and universities to increase the awareness of this issues and prevent them from these dangers .
In our societies we have a problem which is most of old parents and guardians do not know how to use internet or modern technologies. so, we have to inform them about these technologies: how we use it , why we use it (benefits),what the risks that we might face it when we use these technologies and how we can deal with is in a good way because they do a significant role to protect their children and adolescents from any kind of cyber violence .
As an IT teacher in the future, I will try to do my best to increase the awareness of people in my society about cyber safety issues by holding meeting with parents and guardians in school to discuss this topic and tell them how they can protect their children and keep them safe online .
In addition ,I will discuss this topic with my students ,not only to provid information and facts about this topic, but also teach them how to be a responsible user online . and provide different kind of resource to increase their awareness.

Here are some websites that provide information about internet safety..

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