28 May


No one can deny the value of technology devices in became a part of our life. Portable devices became as important tool that can be used for learning. M-learning define as :” the use of mobile and handheld IT devices, such as Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), mobile telephones, laptops and tablet PC technologies, in teaching and learning”.(

This type of learning give the students opportunities to learn any time any place and depend on their pace and their style. But there are some factors the limit our use of m-learning such as; limited storage capacities for mobiles and PDAs, the small screen ,and low Batteries life.
Because of m-learning program is not really applied in schools. many organization focus on providing effective ideas or conditions to apply this technology in all schools.
One of these organization is Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).it released many comprehensive reports about the state of mobile learning around the world .also, it suggested five key conditions that must exist for a mobile learning initiative to succeed: visionary leadership and commitment, robust technology capacity, professional development, scalability, and policies that promote and support the initiative.
For more details about these conditions, visit this website:

In this course, we applied m-learning by using “WhatsApp technology” as a tool to communicate with each other and discuss an important topic which is “syber safety” .the instructor divided us into groups of 5-6 students and he chose a leader for each group. Each leader should create a group in WhatsApp and add other group’s member. It was an interesting and new experience for sharing information and exchange the knowledge.

I’m very excited to use this technology with my students in the future. because it give me opportunities to use more teaching method so that attract student attention and engage student to learn. Here is some idea about how can i apply m-leaning with my students:
1- Develop some tutorial for some skills that I see my student need more practice and share it with them.
2- enhance their learning by seeking for addition information ,searching for other resources and watching instructional videos related to the lesson .
3- creating groups to discuss different IT topics.
4- give them list of useful application related to my subject matter.

here are some useful application for mobiles phone that can students use it :
for android
for iphone

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