Technology in education

29 May

Every time we hear about “using technology in education” In schools, universities, conferences and in many places. However, always we wonder about what technology is? , and why we need to use it in education ?!!

Most of people think that technology is a devices or machine created by humans to make their live more easier , while those people see the technology in one side only. In fact, the word technology means science or knowledge performance of application. In addition, Technology is a comprehensive process and application in several areas of science and knowledge. In a simple way, technology is a hardware and software .

The need of using technology in education increases day after day because of the rapid development and changes in the world and in other fields like medicine ,science and engineering .so, we can say that the importance of using technology in education is related to the importance of education itself .
We can summarize this importance in some points :
 – Increase the quality of instruction
 – Engages students and motivate them to learn .
 – Construct and Build knowledge .
 – Enhance learning .
 – Make students ready to deal with the real world in future .
 – Makes teachers jobs easier to deliver the content of subjects to the students .
 – Help teachers to meet learning objectives that they designed for their students.

Actually, not only students and teacher use technology in education world, also administrators and parents can use it to have an integrated educational process between all of these four aspects .

Examples of devices that can be used in education :
 Computers
 Digital projector
 Interactive white board
 Audiovisual equipment ( i.e. type recorders, televisions …)
 Portable devises ( i.e. iPads, computer tabs, smart phones ..)

After we did know all these thing about using technology in education, there is an important question comes to our minds.. is technology activated in our schools or universities ?!
In my opinion, the answer is : not really !

there are many impediments that impede using technology in education
for examples: lack of devices and equipment, Lack of awareness about using these technologies ,fear of using something new, Intolerance of traditional education and many things. All these things and more can delay using technology in education. And this is the truth that most things in our life have limitation which lead us to think and invent to overcome or decrease the limitation.

In the future, as an IT teachers, we have to be updated with the rapid developments and changes in this field, and try to use all technologies that can affect students’ learning positively. also we should encourage other teachers and give them some procedures and ideas for applying technology in lessons .
Another idea is to make a campaign for teachers to use specific kind of technology in every month, and during that month we can conduct many workshops about that technology and make all teacher apply this technology in their lessons. In addition, we can make workshops about different program and technology to help them in designing interesting lesson and other things which make the content more interesting and suitable for students.

In “introduction in educational technology course” we have learned many useful technologies that we can use it to help us in learning or to support our teaching in future.
For example, we learn how to use Interactive whiteboard, google docs to design a simple activity, mobile phones as a tool for learning, digital storytelling, creating presentation using Prezi, webquest activity and more ..

I really enjoy using these technologies , It was very useful experience.

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